National Holdings Management Team


Michael A. Mullen – President & Chief Executive Officer of National Holdings Corporation

Glenn C. Worman – Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President at National Holdings Corporation

Jay Israel – General Counsel, National Holdings Corporation 

  • 22+ years’ experience as a Wall Street Attorney.
  • Prior to joining National, Mr. Israel maintained a law practice covering all aspects of the financial services industry.
  • Member of the New York State Bar.
  • J.D. degree from Hofstra University School of Law.
  • M.B.A. degree in Finance from Hofstra University School of Business.


Management Team at National's Family of Companies


Billy Groeneveld President of vFinance, Head Trader for vFinance Investments, Inc. & National Securities Corporation 

  • 19+ years of experience in retail brokerage & trading operations.
  • Prior to joining vFinance in 2001, created and ran Program Trading Corp.
  • B.S. in Engineering from West Virginia University.

David Rich – Chief Supervisory Officer of National Securities Corporation & National Asset Management

Kay Johnson CCO at National Securities Corporation & vFinance Investments Inc.

  • 26+ years on Wall Street, experience in retail brokerage, supervision and compliance
  • B.S. from St. Lawrence University
  • 2006 CRCP graduate of FINRA/Wharton Institute
  • Serves on several Industry committees including:
    • FINRA District Committee from 2009 through 2012,
    • FINRA CE Content Committee since 2004,
    • Registrations and Qualifications Subcommittee  2007 and 2008
  • FINRA Chairperson and Arbitrator since 2002

Jonathan RichHead of Investment Banking, National Securities Corporation 

  • 16+ years experience in the securities industry
  • Prior to joining vFinance, Mr. Rich was SVP of Investment Banking at Colonial Capital Group.
  • B.A. in Political Economy from Tulane University, JD/MBA from Fordham University.

John Koenigsberg Senior Vice President of Operations, National Securities Corporation 

  • 30+ years experience in the securities industry.
  • Prior to joining National, Mr. Koenigsberg was Senior Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Operations & Internal Compliance for Montauk Financial Group.