Our Subsidiaries



National Securities: is an international full service independent brokerage firm with a diverse base of retail and institutional clients.





vFinance Investments: is a financial services company which specializes in emerging opportunities, providing trading, trend forecasting, and consulting services to micro, small and mid-cap high-growth companies, and to institutional and high net-worth investors seeking above-market returns.

National Insurance Corporation: offers a myriad of insurance products for our clients, including Life, Group Health, Disability, Long Term Care and Fixed Annuity Products.  National Insurance is able to write all top companies for Variable and Fixed Insurance Products.
National Asset Management: is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA.)  NAM provides state-of-the-art comprehensive portfolio management and processing platform.
Gilman Ciocia, Inc. provides federal, state and local tax preparation services to individuals, predominantly in the middle and upper income tax brackets, accounting services to small and midsize companies. Additionally, through our affiliates, National Securities Corporation, National Asset Management and National Insurance Corporation, we offer financial planning services, including securities brokerage, investment management services and insurance services.